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  • Arcas Bear, a PLANT-BASED sneaker made with natural, sustainable, and recycled materials, is the result of years of DESIGN THINKING research.


    The upper textile (outside) is made with pre-consumer recycled cotton and recycled water bottles to create a new thread 100% DYE FREE NO COLORS ADDED.


    The intern (inside) is 100% made from GOTS certified organic cotton, healthy to be in contact with your skin.


    To enjoy our "WALK ON CLOUDS" comfort, we add an extra cushion of coconut and fibers.

    The sole is made of cork. An ethical, durable, and antibacterial material. No need to put on socks!


    An excellent and sustainable combination of raw and recycled rubber to create a smart sole from a colorful mix of remaining scraps (small pieces) once wasted, now REUSED.

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