What if we could send a message to the Future?

Actually we can.

Through education and innovative practices we can make it possible.

Let’s be the message ❤️ by walk and live in a more sustainable way.

Think Future is a giving back project inspired  by design thinking to empower kids to send beautiful messages to the next generations through creativity.

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Cynthia Arcas Borghy

Arcas Bear Founder


We would like to thank and congratulate this incredible work done by 8th grade students from the St. Mary's School

The understanding that our students do not have to wait to make a difference in the world continues into the Middle School. A new interdisciplinary unit linking science and studio arts asked the seventh(now eighth grade)students to explore how innovative products can bring about positive change in the world. During the unit, the students utilized the scientific approach to analyze recent studies on climate change and its implications on ecosystems, societies and economies. Leila Volkmann, Science Department Chair and MYP Year 2 science teacher, recognizes the importance of helping students understand they have a responsibility to better the world. “Educators can plant the seed of eco-awareness by sharing scientific evidence that we can slow down climate change, the risk of extinction of species, the destruction of tropical rain forests through sustainable management and policies. The potential reduction of our carbon footprint through environmental education is a sparkling ray of light in our dark situation.”

Sharon Taylor

Head of School




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